We Take Our Stand - Montana Writers Stand for Public Land

"No Public Land Transfer" (Essay, 2017)

Montana Quarterly

"Counting by Twos" (Essay, 2017) - Recipient of Montana Quarterly's Big Snowy Prize for Emerging Writers - Nonfiction (not available to read online)

The Glasgow Courier

News articles and "Truth Nukem" political column. For two years (2015-2017) I wrote articles regarding race, trans rights, the Flint water crisis, and more, for my hometown newspaper. Glasgow, MT, was found to be the literal “middle of nowhere” by The Washington Post. Writing liberal articles for the paper was incredible. While plenty of people disagreed with what I wrote, I had lots of support in doing so.

The Missoula Independent

Due to the untimely and tragic closure of our treasured newspaper, The Missoula Independent no longer has a website. All of these links lead to The Missoulian’s website, and my essays and articles written for the Indy can no longer be viewed online.

"Rez Made photos offer a new take on New York City at MAM" (October 2017) - Looking at a series of photographs by high school students from the Flathead Reservation who traveled to NYC. 

"Crystal Morey Creates a New American Mythology at Radius Gallery" (August 2017) - A review of ceramicist Crystal Morey's delicate and haunting porcelain figurines.

"Trouble Dealing With the Trauma of Trump? Try Laughing at Death" - In the wake of the election, I turn to Comedy/True Crime podcasts to deal.

"Necessary Fiction" - In Marshall Granger's indie-pop project, Dorothy, Granger taps into his feminine side to explore relationships in the age of the internet.

"Selling Missoula" - On selling Jon Krakauer's book, Missoula: Rape and Justice System in a College Town, at a local bookstore.

The Missoulian

Book Review - Across the Plains With Bruno by Annick Smith

Book Review - American Copper by Shann Ray

Five On the Fifth - Online Literary Magazine

The Pit (Fiction, 2015)

Mountain Outlaw

"Supaman: The Rise of Crow Hip-hop" 

MTPR's Reflections West

Montana's Other Face -- An essay paired with Richard Hugo's poem, "Driving Montana"

The Oval Literary Magazine

"In Heaven, Everything Is Fine" After a friend's death, a group of old friends head home for the funeral. (Essay, 2014)